*Image File
*Resize By

Choose how your image will be resized:

  • Width: resize to the given width, preserving the aspect ratio
  • Height: resize to the given height, preserving the aspect ratio
  • Width and Height: resize to the given dimensions, using a specified method of resizing, such as fill, crop, pad, etc
  • Area: resize the image so that its area is less than or equal to the specified area
  • Percentage: scale the image by a percentage
  • Best Fit: resize by enlarging or reducing - just enough to best fit the given size while preserving the aspect ratio
  • Ignore Aspect Ratio: this option forces the ratio to be ignored so the given size is matched exactly
  • Fill: resize based on the smallest fitting dimension. The resized image will completely fill (and even overflow) the given size
  • Pad: resize to fit within the given size and then add a border around the image to exactly match the given size
  • Crop: crop (cut out parts of the image) to exactly match the given size

The area, in pixels.

*Exact Match

Force the area of the resized image to exactly match the given area by cutting and/or padding.

*Pad Color

The color of the padding (border) in hexadecimal format.


Specify the width or height for your resized image.


The width in pixels.


The height in pixels.


A number between 0 and 100.

Resize an image by width, height, area, or a percentage

Version 0.0.1
Size 1.3 MB
Released Sep 10
Open source
No account required
No internet access

This app runs locally without access to the internet. Files never leave your device.

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